PinTo10v4 (PowerShell),v4.1 (VBS) and PinToTaskBar1903.

After a long time scouring the internet for partial working solutions to the problem that occurred because the previous script-able pinning techniques were removed by Microsoft I have created (cobbled together from various sources and refined) PinTo10_v4!

PinTo10_v4 is a Powershell script.  It requires three arguments passed to it, much the same as previous iterations of the PinTo10 tools.  It is able to pin icons (not modern apps) to the Windows 10 Start Menu and Taskbar and is tested to work in Windows 10 up to version 1809!  I’m also told it works on Server 2016.

Feel free to grab a copy of the 0.6 release of the v4 PowerShell script or the v4.1 VBS script and do your own testing.  I may well do some further updates but so far it seems to work pretty well.  Let me know how you get on…

PinTo10_v4.1 is a port of the PowerShell script to VBS that actually might work better than the PowerShell version.  It started as a direct port but I’ve added a few more checks and longer loops.  If the PowerShell version doesn’t work for you then try this one.  I’m unlikely to add any further updates to the PowerShell version now.  The VBS version also adds support for Windows 7.

Powershell v4 ( Version 0.6.  PS1 and compiled EXE files included)

VBS v4.1 (Version 0.4)

As noted by several users, the above tools no longer work in Windows 10 1903.  I have a new script that can pin to the 1903 TaskBar (no Start Menu pinning (and don’t expect any to be added 😦 ))
PinToTaskBar1903 PowerShell Script…

Stuart Pearson